Home Insurance in Lima, OH

Serving Delphos, Findlay, Kenton, OH and Surrounding Areas

Kesner Insurance offers home insurance in Delphos, OH and surrounding areas.

You can't always know your home is safe but you can know it's insured. And Kesner will make sure you're covered, whether you're dealing with theft or disaster.

Basic homeowner's insurance covers your personal possessions and your home's structure. In case of theft, it provides you with replacement costs for stolen items. After a disaster, home insurance gives you living expenses during your temporary relocation.

Home insurance also covers liability. For example, if someone gets injured on your property and you're deemed liable, this would cover that person's medical bills.

Supplemental Insurance:
In addition to basic home insurance, we recommend purchasing supplemental plans, such as a flood policy if you live in a floodplain area. Other natural disaster policies-for instance, tornado or earthquake insurance-will protect your home from damage.

If you own high-value possessions, like jewelry, we suggest what we call "floater policies" to cover those specific items. And additional liability insurance is an excellent idea for people who tend to enjoy numerous houseguests.